An Autumn Workshop

Move, Breathe and Meditate into the new Season

The celebration and the opulence of summer are over. Autumn is the season in which we begin a journey inwards to set ‘the house’ in order. The mind and the body are  looking to find a new balance, a new rhythm: it is a moment of transition. During the seasonal change, we want to get in contact with the inner parts of ourselves and learn to balance them in harmony for a restful and productive period.


In this workshop, we will practice a balance of three  elements: moving, breathing and letting go. The first element  will include a series of  gentle yoga poses and flows which help us to be more aware of the rhythm between breathing and moving. The yoga practice is influenced by the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli but also by Laurent’s own Mindful hatha yoga practice and teachings.

The second element is Pranayama also called ‘control of breath’: an essential element during the seasons of transition. Traditionally, Pranayama was taught and practiced during Autumn and Spring. Pranayama helps supports us in moments of change and transformation. We will be introduced to rhythmic and calming breaths taken from Gitananda yoga.

The third element is awareness and meditation. These practices help us to notice and connect the breath and the body with techniques coming from both Buddhism and hatha yoga.


These meditations will allow us to  find the seasonal balance of dark and light while also helping us to relax and embrace impermanence in ourselves and nature. This workshop is the perfect way to gently immerse yourself in the new season with grace and mindfulness.

Laurent will teach this workshop on  Sunday 9th October 2016 , 12.30-3.30pm.

The cost is £45