Creative Writing and Mindfulness

Creative Writing and Mindfulness

In this workshop, led by Dollie Stephan, we will explore the interaction between mindfulness and creative writing. Where do our ideas come from? How can we access the space that lies within us and listen to what is asking to be written?

Topics will include the process of writing from mindfulness, establishing a writing journal, exploring triggers for writing, trusting your writing voice, discovering when and how to take an idea forward, mindfulness for editing. The session will provide opportunity for meditation, writing practice, reflection and discussion.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring with you a notebook and pen.

Following the success of the last one, we are looking to run this workshop again, dates to be confirmed soon!


Dollie Stephan has a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from UEA, in which she specialised in poetry. She has been teaching for thirteen years. She has poetry published in Zone, the Clare Market Review and Poems In Which.

Dollie lives in London and is passionate about mindfulness and being a mother.

Map & location

Kite Yard Studio

Cambridge Road


SW11 4TA