The Essentials of Energy Healing

6-week course with Andrea Ferri

Everything is energy; matter, human beings, the Universe.

Our individual bioenergetic fields are constantly interacting with the outer world. As humans, we both influence the environment and are affected by it. We are in a constant dance. This interplay shapes us and determines our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is a delicate balance that must be maintained for optimum health and well-being.


The aim of this course is to provide you with the tools to start recognising and attuning your energy state. Despite being and introductory course, these practical sessions will help you getting in touch with your feeling and emotions and acknowledging the causes of your imbalances. They will also give you the tools to rebalancing and recharging your energetic field. This course will be a hands-on practical workshop that will bring the ancient healing wisdom traditions into a contemporary millennial context.


Each class will have a new topic, theme and skill-set offered.

It is requested that you attend the 6-week course in its entirety as the course builds naturally from week to week.

The course is designed for everybody and, although some exposure to healing would certainly help, this is not a prerequisite for attending the course.


Week 1: the fundamentals of body energy – learning the basics

Week 2: Sensing your energy using your intuition

Week 3: Understanding the energy flow

Week 4: The energy flow and the use of your hands

Week 5: Energy testing

Week 6: Energy and emotions


No previous experience necessary – just an open mind and an inquisitive soul. There are limited spaces so online bookings for the whole course are essential. There are unfortunately no make-up sessions for missed classes.

Upcoming dates: Tuesday October 24th to Tuesday 28th November, 8pm-9.15pm.