Long or short term counselling with trainee psychotherapist

Gemma Cozens is a trainee psychosexual and relationship therapist, working towards a Diploma in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy and accreditation with CORST (College of Relationship and Sex Therapy) and UCKP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).


With a Foundation in integrative therapy, Gemma’s approach is guided by the individual needs of each client and draws on different models, techniques and modalities; including client-centred, psychodynamic, gestalt, transactional analysis and mindfulness. Gemma works within the COSRT ethical guidelines.


Gemma holds a safe and non-judgemental space to explore client’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours in an empathic and straightforward manner. Gemma will work with you to identify and verbalise potentially hidden emotions, such as anger, sadness, grief and shame.


Through reflection on past events, you may be able to see how patterns of behaviour are impacting on your present. Gemma supports clients to gain greater understanding, resilience and a softer, more compassionate view of themselves and their situation, leading to a more peaceful and fulfilling experience. She works with clients dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship and communication issues.


Gemma works with clients on a long-term or open-ended basis, and has also worked with short-term NHS patient referral. Regular weekly sessions are recommended to gain momentum in the therapeutic work and to enhance awareness and insight, leading to real change.


Each session will take place in Studio 2 for 50 minutes. The rate is £40 and must be booked in advance online. Gemma is available for sessions on Thursdays, however, to enquire about other availability, please email