VBAC Support

A VBAC Preparation Journey through Five Private Sessions

Birthing Vaginally after a Caesarean section is a possibility for most women. According to
the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) three out of four women
(75%) with a straightforward pregnancy who go into labour give birth vaginally following
one caesarean delivery.
The chances of this happening will be increased if you are properly prepared.

This means being:
  • Informed - Of your rights and your options so that you create the optimum environment
    for an uninterrupted birth
  • Supported During the Pregnancy - in healing the past cesarean so that you are ready to
    embrace this pregnancy and birth experience.
  • Supported During the Birth - With a partner/doula or midwife who will respect, protect
    and support your space and wish to birth normally
  • Physically Prepared: Knowing, experiencing and trusting your birthing body including
    your scar and your pelvis
  • Mentally and Emotionally Prepared - Committed to Your VBAC, able to manage your
    fears and having the internal coping skills for labour
  • Spiritually Prepared - Ready to surrender to the amazing power of birth

Nadia, a successful VBAC herself offers, you a package of five 1-2-1 hour long sessions
that help you to heal your past birth experience and prepare you for your coming birth
journey. Through the identification of possible obstacles specific to the VBAC experience
we lay the ground and ready the way for an uninterrupted birth.

The five sessions will include the following:

  1. Debriefing and healing the first birth including a special scar care massage
  2. VBAC as a birth preference - an information session on your care/support choices/
  3. Planning your Birth Preferences document
  4. Working through VBAC fears session and VBAC Visualization
  5. Mapping your pelvis and learning how to maximise space for your particular shape
    (With partner) Positive interventions for a slow labour

Nadia is a VBAC herself (twice over), a doula, yoga teacher and birth educator. She has
attended a special VBAC Support Workshop with Birthlight Tutor Ingrid Lewis
The fee for each session is £50

To book your sessions: Call Nadia on 0207 978 7995  / M: 07771 687128