Bioenergetics Evening with Devaraj

Where Yoga meets Therapy…

Bioenergetics is the way to Total Bodily Freedom!

We accumulate years and years of holding patterns through the traumatic incidents and conditioning experiences of our lives. This is a chance to start to let all that go!

“Bioenergetics is a body movement technique with a difference. The various different body positions are specifically designed to release “holding patterns” from the skin and muscle system of the body (the fascia). Thus Bioenergetics, whilst on the surface resembling Yoga, Pilates, or a gym workout, is actually radically different. There are hundreds of different Bioenergetic Exercises, and these work all over the body to remove holding patterns, and to bring life back to “dead spots” in the muscle system.

Free of holding patterns and “dead spots” your body will feel vibrantly alive. Each breath will be a delight, and simply paying attention to the feeling of your body will be incredibly pleasurable”


Discover just how powerful, heartful and vibrant you can be with Bioenergetics. This two and a half hour session will go deep so please come ready for a real experience.


Read more about Bioenergetics online here or learn about Bioenergetics on YouTube here


Upcoming dates with Dev

Saturday 4th November 7-9.30pm £30pp