Chaturanga-Up Dog-Down Dog

Vinyasa Workshop: Chaturanga – Up Dog – Down Dog

Have you heard teachers say ‘flow through your vinyasa’ during a class?


This usually refers to the series of poses: chaturanga into up dog into down dog. It is one of the most commonly sequenced poses in many styles of yoga and is useful for building strength in the shoulders and the back of the body.


However, it is commonly done incorrectly – so let’s work on it together!


During the workshop we will identify some key techniques for the chaturanga and up dog and also explore other variations – because the chaturanga into up dog is not the only option for the vinyasa sequence! Hopefully through this workshop you will have a greater understanding of the popular cue ‘flow through your vinyasa’ and how to cater for this in your individual body. Towards the end of the workshop we will apply what we have learnt to some arm balances and jump backs, rounding the workshop off with some shoulder relief before a well-deserved savasana.


Open to all levels of yoga experience.


This workshop costs £30 and must be booked online.


Upcoming dates


Sunday 12th January 2-4pm