Small Private Class with Laurent: 8pm Monday 16 April – 2 July
    Small Private Class with Toni: 11am Wednesday 18 April–4 July
    Small Private Class with Fanelie: 8pm Wednesday 18 April–4 July
    Small Private Class with Rain: 8pm Thursday 19 April–5 July
    Small Private Class with Fanelie: 9.30am Saturday 21 April– 7 July

    £295 for 12 weeks

    Small private hatha yoga classes, are perfect for gaining a more intimate view into your practice and improving your confidence, flexibility and strength. You could be starting from scratch, deepening your current practice or working towards a specific goal.

  • BREATH-WORK & MEDITATION: 12 Week Course

    Monday 16th April – 2nd July 2018

    Laurent Roure

    This course is for everyone who would like to refine and progress their breath-work (pranayama). Pranayama is the study of how to control and observe our breath. This can have a hugely positive psychological, healing, cleansing, meditative and calming influence on our body and mind. Learning to balance the breath helps us to balance the mind, and consequently, our lives

  • Authenticity & Intimacy: 12-Week Course

    Wednesday 18th April- 4th July 2018

    Ellie Harris

    Explore the use of mindfulness and body awareness to create a more authentic connection to yourself, to life and to others. We’ll be using mindfulness practices and principles to expand our capacity to be open, vulnerable, courageous and loving.


    Saturday 21st April – 7th July 2018

    Ellie Grace

    You will learn how the psychological benefits of yoga impact our philosophy, our ethics and our whole way of being – from how we talk to ourselves and others, through to the practice of contentment, positive thinking, nonviolence and non-attachment, to name a few.

  • Only Fear Dies: 8 Week Course

    Tuesday 15th May – 3rd July 2018

    Angus Ford-Robertson

    This 8 week course, led by Angus, will look at the bestselling book ‘Only Fear Dies’ by Barry Long.
    How to be free of unhappiness in an unhappy world. It can be done! This way of practical self-knowledge ultimately brings freedom from fear and liberation from pervasive discontent. How to square living in this world with the circle of life. Explains karma (a great mystery) and the cosmic principle behind it.

All courses take place in our newly converted, Studio 2. This beautiful studio is spacious, bright, peaceful and private. Please may we ask that you arrive on time, as we do not have a waiting area at studio 2, and classes will start promptly. If you do arrive early for your course, you are welcome to make a tea and sit in the waiting area of studio 1 (main studio).