• Managing Stress & Anxiety

    Managing Stress & Anxiety with Yoga and Meditation with Ellie Grace:

    11.00am-12.15pm Saturday 7th September – 26th October 2019

    £110 for 8 weeks

    Once you’ve got an understanding of how your thoughts, emotions and nervous system are affected by stressors and anxious thoughts, you’re on a direct path to experiencing ease and peace with the use of these life-supporting tools.

  • Yin is In – Calm & Restore

    Yin is In – Calm & Restore

    8pm-9.15pm Thursday 9th September – 28th October 2019

    £195 for 4 weeks (Maximum of 4 people per class)

    Learn how Yin Yoga can support you in restoring balance from stress and anxiety in an out of balance world.

  • Group Therapy

    Group Therapy

    7.30pm-9.15pm Thursday 12th September – 21st November 2019

    £570 Payment in Full (other options available)

    At the heart of group therapy is the idea that human beings are fundamentally social beings, whose lives are inextricably linked with other people. Maybe you feel isolated, low in mood, or you feel a bit stuck in your life and you are not sure how to move forward. There are so many reasons to experience group therapy.

All courses take place in Studio 2. This beautiful studio is spacious, bright, peaceful and private. Please may we ask that you arrive on time, as we do not have a waiting area at studio 2, and classes will start promptly. If you do arrive early for your course, you are welcome to make a tea and sit in the waiting area of Studio 1 (main studio).