From Deity to Diva

From Deity to Diva: A Winter Solstice Workshop with Rain Maher & John Pullin

Join Rain Maher and John Pullin for a celebratory evening of music, movement and meditation. Rain and John have bought their passions of Yoga and music together to teach this one of a kind Winter Solstice workshop.


The Gods, Goddesses and Avatars of ancient times make their presence and messages known in much of our modern western culture.


Here’s one example, look at the pictures to your right. The first is of the Goddess Kali, representing rebirth, destruction, fearlessness. The other is modern day Diva, Diana Ross…think ‘Stop, in the Name of Love’, ‘Ain’t no Mountain High Enough’. Need we say more!


We’ll weave all of this together into a creative and dynamic musical flow that will leave you feeling energised and empowered, ready to take on all the festive season throws at you.


Open to all levels of yoga experience.


This workshop costs £30 and must be booked online.


Upcoming dates


Saturday 21st December 7-9pm