Energy Sensing and Self-Healing 8-Week Course

8-Week Course with Andrea Ferri

‘Embrace your energy and discover the healer in you’


Everything is energy; matter, the human being, the Universe.


Our individual Bioenergetic fields are constantly interacting with the outer world. As humans, we both influence the environment and are affected by it. This in turn shapes our true self and determines our emotional and physical wellbeing. This delicate balance is being challenged by our constant exposure to physical, emotional and environmental stress.


The aim of this course is to provide and develop the tools for you to sense your energy state, to recognise the causes of your imbalances, and to learn how to clean, balance and recharge your energetic field.


This course will be hands-on and bring the ancient healing wisdom traditions into a contemporary millennial context.


No previous experience necessary – just an open mind and an inquisitive soul.


Each class will have a new topic, theme and skill-set offered. In addition, each week will start with and opening and closing meditation.


It is requested that you attend the 8-week course in its entirety as the course builds naturally from week to week.

Week 1: the fundamentals of body energy – learning the basics

Week 2: Sensing your energy using your intuition

Week 3: The energy flow and the use of your hands

Week 4: Energy testing

Week 5: Energy and emotions

Week 6: The full body energy work

Week 7: Bringing it all together

Week 8: Practice, practice, practice


Upcoming dates: 

6.30-7.45pm Tuesday 5th March – 23rd April 2019, £110


No previous experience necessary – just an open mind and an inquisitive soul. There are limited spaces so online bookings for the whole course are essential. There are unfortunately no make-up sessions for missed classes.