Breath Work and Meditation with Laurent

Monday 6:30pm & 8pm in Studio 2

Pranayama or ‘breath control’ practice is in the heart of yoga and everything derives from it. Without breath, there are neither yoga poses nor a quiet mind. When we work our breath, we gain access to our life force energy.

Among our physical practice and meditation, pranayama has a very important place and should be practiced daily or as often as possible. Let’s not forget that one meaning of yoga is “union”. The 3 elements of our yoga practice work together and should not be separated. If one is missing, the others 2 are unbalanced. Pranayama makes that connection between the physical body and the subtle body!

During this ‘Breath work and meditation’ class we will prepare the foundations, the bases for a safe and careful breathing practice. We will be aiming to strengthen the respiratory system, and soothe and balance the nervous system. As desires and cravings diminish, the mind is set free and becomes a fit vehicle for concentration and meditation.

In the class, we will also incorporate meditations, awareness and deep relaxation techniques which will enhance the overall experience and the understanding of Pranayama.

This class is accessible to everyone even beginners.

This breath work and meditation class will be held in studio 2 and is limited to 10 spaces. Advance bookings online essential.

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