Mindfulness and Self-Inquiry with Angus

Thursday 8:00pm in Studio 1

These popular classes have been running for over 10 years and help students go much deeper into their mindfulness meditation practice; a natural progression from the Beginners Course, we will explore hidden aspects of mindfulness.

Please note that ANYONE can drop-in to these classes at any time. These classes are for everyone – from beginners to experienced practitioners. They are designed for anyone who wishes to let go of habitual stress through a combination of mindfulness, self-inquiry and group discussion.

Please note that every week will be different and might include a combination of sitting meditations, dynamic movement meditations, breath work and group interaction.

A typical class might look like this:

  • Arrive: aim to arrive 10 minutes before the class begins – free herbal tea and biscuits available
  • Check-in: Once settled, we begin (on a cushion or chair) the session with a short meditation and group ‘check-in’
  • Guided Meditation: The core of the class is a guided meditation lasting around 20 minutes (the guided Meditation/technique is different each week)
  • Open discussion: the week’s subject matter is open for discussion among the group


No book or reading is required

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