Only Fear Dies – A Book of Liberation: 8 week course

Only Fear Dies – A Book of Liberation: 8 week course

This 8 week course, led by Angus, will look at the bestselling book ‘Only Fear Dies’ by Barry Long.

His book is a collection of eight essays exploring the causes of unhappiness and the spiritual process of ‘dying for life’.

How to be free of unhappiness in an unhappy world. It can be done! This way of practical self-knowledge ultimately brings freedom from fear and liberation from pervasive discontent. How to square living in this world with the circle of life. Explains karma (a great mystery) and the cosmic principle behind it.

Barry Long’s incisive method makes therapy look like a blunt knife. This book contains a profound spiritual teaching which it is not at all abstract or remote, but directly useful to anyone trying to look for truth in this world. Barry Long redirects our attention back to the source of all problems – ourselves. He challenges us: Why do we insist on having the right to be unhappy? First we are shown how to deal moment-to-moment with what makes us discontented so that we can practice staying free of it. Then Barry Long examines the roots of unhappiness and how it attaches itself to us from an early age.

Join Angus in studio 2 every Tuesday 6.30pm-7.45pm for this course. Limited to 10 spaces so book in quick!


Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday 15th May – Tuesday 3rd July 6.30pm-7.45pm

£105 for 8-weeks