Human Flourishing – live life to the fullest: 12 week course

Human Flourishing – live life to the fullest with Gemma

12-week Human Flourishing course with Gemma:

How do you want to live? Find out who you are, what you want and what a life of fulfilment could feel like.

Over this 12 week course we will look at different aspects of life and love to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our desires. Human flourishing is the journey of discovery of self-realisation; to be fully functional; to maintain happiness, welfare and well-being; to attain pleasure and avoid self-inflicted suffering, sustained across time and culture.

These sessions will include guided meditation practice, guided discussion and exercises aimed at discovering what Human Flourishing means for you.


Over the course we will look at areas, including:

  • Core values and beliefs
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Attachment styles
  • What you are unconsciously looking for in a partner
  • Personal consent and boundaries (emotional, physical and sexual boundaries)
  • People pleaser behaviour and saying ‘No’
  • How to flirt and keep the flirt alive
  • Communication techniques for relationships
  • and more.


Gemma is a therapist specialising in psychosexual and relationship issues. The course will include elements of psycho-education, models and tools so that you can better understand why you are the way you are and recognise behaviour traits in yourself and others. There is not a course book to read, but you may be given exercises to carry out at home to aid the discussion and go deeper into your experience.


Please note that this course takes place on Tuesday nights, 8.00-9.15pm in studio 2 and is limited to 10 spaces. This course needs to be booked online in full, and there are unfortunately no make up sessions for missed classes.


Upcoming Dates:


Tuesday 17th April – Tuesday 3rd July, 8.00pm- 9.15pm

£156 for 12-week