Mandala Vinyasa Masterclass: Grounding with the Element Earth

Mandala Vinyasa Masterclass: Grounding with the Element Earth with Zinzi Blakebrough-Miller

Mandala Vinyasa is a practice that works 360 around the mat – working with the elements using the Ancient Mayan Calendar, It focuses on a particular area of the body and the correlating chakra. We will be focusing on the Earth Element in this Masterclass.
With this grounding and creative flow, we’ll be concentrating on opening, engaging and finding more space through the hamstrings and the back body. We will also be activating our root Chakra Muladhara.
Starting with the stillness of Yin yoga. We will then move through a grounding dynamic practice around the mat. Returning to Yin yoga at the end of the practice, encompassing opposite elements to help balance our bodies and energy.
Zinzi has been practising Yoga for 9 years and teaching for the past 3. She has specialised in Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and now Mandala Vinyasa. Zinzi intends on sharing health and happiness. It’s the expressiveness Mandala Yoga has to offer Zinzi loves and endeavours to share with her students.

Open to all levels of yoga experience.


This workshop costs £25 and must be booked online.


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Saturday 10th May