Moving to Love; Embodied learning

Moving to Love; Embodied Learning with Mike and Louise

We’re all longing for love, intimacy and connection and yet our biology is stopping us.


In this embodied workshop you will learn how your brain is wired to stop you from connecting deeply.  You’ll listen to the deep inner wisdom of your body to help you break old neurologically engrained patterns and have it guide you out of separation and into heartful connection.


Using the tools and roadmap for intimacy from Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST) international teachers, Mike Lousada and Louise Mazanti will lead you on a journey into intimacy with yourself, helping you gain new insights into your relational patterns.  You will learn new tools to overcome your major block to intimacy and get to know yourself more deeply through experiential exercises using embodiment and movement.


Mike Lousada is a therapist, coach and healer. He reached world-renown thanks to endorsements from feminist writer Naomi Wolf in her latest best-seller, Vagina.


Louise Mazanti, like Mike, is also a Psychosynthesis counsellor with a private practice in London. Together they teach around the world, including at the Esalen Institute in California, in Moscow and around Europe and are co-authors of the Hay House published book, Real Sex: Why Everything You Learnt About Sex is Wrong.


PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is FREE and must be booked online.


Upcoming dates:

Sunday 30th June 1pm-4pm


The workshop also is a taster of the Psychosexual Somatics® Coaching Programme that starts in late August. You can visit the following sites to find out more:

Psychosexual Somatics Coaching Programme

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