A One Day Yoga Retreat with Angus Ford-Robertson

10-6pm on Saturday 23rd Nov – cost £95pp

Join Angus Ford-Robertson, founder of Battersea Yoga, for this full day event of Yoga, Bioenergetics, Somatic Release and Spiritual Inquiry.


The purpose of this One Day Retreat is to support students in experiencing, for themselves, what is arguably the single most important event in a person’s Spiritual journey;

The awaking of Awareness.


Awareness is the magic – and often missing – ingredient on the Spiritual path. It can be described a thousand different ways, but words can never truly capture its essence. Only the experience of Awareness itself conveys the truth of it. The body knows Awareness when it remembers, when it comes back to its sense.


Once we have consciously experienced Awareness, there is no going back. Everything changes. From that point, one’s life becomes an experiment in living this experiential Truth.


This Day Retreat will be an opportunity to take time out, reconnect with your Self and explore spiritual practices, including:


  • Understanding Bioenergetics and learing how to use it to release blocked emotion
  • Trusting the wisdom of the body
  • Somatic Releasing Techniques
  • Allowing embodied experience (engaging) Vs Spiritual Bypassing (avoiding)
  • Consciously expressing our deeper Truth in life – to ourselves and others
  • And much more…


In the morning we shall have a nourishing 3-hour Hatha Yoga and Bioenergetic workshop – exploring how to use bioenergetics to more deeply connect with our body and emotions.

The 3-hour afternoon session will be a deep dive into Awareness – explored through group dynamics, mindfulness and spiritual inquiry.


The cost for the full day is £95 – this excludes lunch. Students are invited to buy lunch at the beautiful local pub (the Bush Inn) where we will have tables reserved. Or you can bring your own lunch – whichever you prefer. Additionally, tea and biscuits will be freely available throughout the day.


The maximum number of participants for the day is 20, to keep the group intimate and focused. Places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Venue: Yavington Farm, Lovington Lane, Avington, Winchester SO21 1DA.

Bring: a yoga mat, a block, a blanket and some cushions or a bolster to sit on in the afternoon.

Any questions, please email info@batterseayoga.com or call 020 7978 7995.

All bookings can be made online via our usual booking platform.

Saturday 23 Nov 2019, 10-6pm, £95pp