An Afternoon of Partner Yoga

An Afternoon of Partner Yoga with Emily Thomson & Matt Mulcahy

Join Matt and Emily for a playful afternoon exploring connection, support and trust through partner poses.

Partner yoga is a hands on approach; we will use resistance work, breath and assists to cultivate playfulness, support and shared strength. This workshop will add a unique dimension to your yoga practice, allowing you to find deeper expressions of the most well-known poses, as well as create new poses entirely.


The workshop is open to beginners and more seasoned yogis alike: all you need is an open heart and a willingness to work together. Challenge yourself, deepen your practice and make shapes with a friend, whilst having a lot of fun and laughs in the process. Come with a friend, a family member, a partner, a loved one – or even come solo and leave having made a new friend!


This is a celebration of all things “togetherness”, so feel free to join Matt and Emily afterwards for a post-workshop jolly at the pub. That’s where we plan to finish up this years Valentine’s weekend!

Price: £30


Upcoming dates


Saturday 15th February 2-4pm