Personal Power and Healing

12-week course with Andrea Ferri

Personal Power and Healing: 12-week course with Andrea Ferri, based on the classic book Caroline Myss “Anatomy of the Spirit”.


This 12 week course will be a journey to discover the connection between our spiritual power, our emotions and the impact that they can have on the wellbeing of our energetic and physical body.

We will use the wonderful book from Caroline Myss; ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’, to guide us through the working of our energy centres or ‘Chakras’, and to understand how this ancient wisdom is still relevant to us.

Each lesson will dedicate time to discussions around the book, and will also have hands-on healing practice related to the specific topic that we are covering during the week. This will be also the opportunity for you to discover something new about yourself, to sharpen your intuition and to get started on a very personal healing journey.

The course is open to everybody and will serve as a great introduction for those who are new to the subject, and as an opportunity to delve deeper for those who have already attended Andrea’s introductory healing course.
This course will take place in studio 2 and is limited to 8 places. Pre booking online is essential. £156 for the 12 week course.
Upcoming dates: Tuesday January 9th to Tuesday 27th March, 8pm-9.15pm.