Alonso joined a hatha yoga class for the first time in Leblon, Rio in the late eighties. He was so taken by the positive impact yoga was exerting in his life, he brought in his mother and sister to practice along.
Having studied with his very first teacher Paulo Guerra for 2 years, Alonso went on to explore other philosophies such as Kum Nye, Qi Gong, and Vipassana, the 5 Tibetans, and colour therapy.

As a hang glider instructor while still in Rio, Alonso would teach a simple form of tibetan pranayama to “cool down” his tandem passengers before take off.
Since making London his home nearly 20 years ago while working as a musician, Alonso reconnected with yoga, and eventually went on to take level 4 diploma with The British Wheel of Yoga.
He studied for three and a half years with the wonderful senior tutors Zoe Knott and Bob Insley, having done the foundation course with also senior tutor Tara Fraser.
Alonso’s classes invariably consist of Pranayama (breathing practice), asana (postures), with particular emphasis on alignment, and finishing with a concentration/meditation, before lying in savasana.