Emma Beattie

After taking her first class in her home country, New Zealand, Emma fell in love with the practise of yoga. She experimented with many different styles of yoga over the years before qualifying as an Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher in Paris. While her style of teaching is dynamic and alignment focused, Emma’s classes are fun and accessible to all levels! Emma is also a qualified Pilates mat instructor, having completed her training in 2013. Knowing the importance of the core in preventing (or recovering from) lower back injury, she will often incorporate core-strengthening exercises into her classes.

Emma loves to draw on her experience with different yoga styles to create a class that incorporates flow, strength and core work, and various pranayama and relaxation techniques; leaving you refreshed and re-energised.

Emma teaches both dynamic Hatha and classic Hatha, as well as restorative yoga classes for those who want to hit pause on the fast pace of life in the city, and take some time out to unwind. See you in the studio!