Fanelie Folleau

I love it when my students leave class with a serene smile on their faces!


You will already know Fanelie, as she’s often the smiling face welcoming you into the studio or dealing with your inquiries over email.


Fanelie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sivananda in the Bahamas in 2017, and is a complete natural when it comes to teaching in front of a class.


Fanelie creates a space for silence and serenity, so that you can fully relax when you walk into her class. Expect candles, soft music, incense, and warm lighting. She will get you warmed up with a flow postures to get your body moving, and keep the heat while you move through more Hatha asanas.


Our Fanelie is conscientious, determined and never stops learning. She loves her cat, cooking, reading, Battersea Park, cupcakes, sunshine


The meaning of life, according to Fanelie is, “Do you best, try to enjoy it with all the people, and keep the Earth as beautiful as you can.”


Fanelie is teaching small private group Hatha for groups of up to four in beautiful studio 2. These 12-week courses are great for beginners or those wanting to go deeper into their practice. A great opportunity to have a more personal class and tailored adjustments for your body. For more details and to book, click here.