Laurent Roure

Senior Yoga Teacher, Laurent, is passionate with all forms of Yoga and movement practices. Through the years, Laurent have cultivated a welcoming and joyful approach to the art of teaching Yoga mindfully.


His teaching style is based on over fifteen years of self practice and discovery but also working with a variety of influential Yoga teachers based in the UK and the US. This depth of experience enables him to individually tailor his classes to suit his students’ abilities, minds and bodies.


Laurent teaches a Breath-work & Meditation Course on Monday evenings at 6.30pm. The course runs for 12-weeks, starting January, April, July, September.


As one of our most experienced, respected and popular teachers, Laurent, also teaches a Small Private Hatha Course on Monday evenings at 8.oopm. With only four students per class, this ensures you’ll receive personal tuition, dedicated time to enhance your practice and discover adjustments specifically suited to your body. These small private classes form a 12-week course and start each January, April, July and September.


More about Laurent: 


How many years have you been practicing yoga/meditation/pranayama?

I have been practicing all sort of yoga styles since the mid 90’s, for about 20 years. I began with Ashtanga and practiced it for many years.

I started teaching yoga full time, 7 years ago . I learned Hatha and Vinyasa. At the same time, I met senior teachers like Su Sareen, John Stirk, Sandra Sabatini and recently, Gary Carter who introduced me to Vanda Scaravelli inspired yoga which I have been studying and mixed into my Mindful Hatha classes for the last 5 years.

My trainings in Meditation and Pranayama are more classic and traditional: for the last 3 years, I have been teaching techniques that originate from Satyananda and Gitananda yoga systems.



What is your favourite style/speciality?

For a while now, I have moved away from specific yoga styles or systems. I am more interested by the person, the teacher with whom I am feeling connected and whom generously communicate his/her knowledge, experiences etc to his/her students. I am fussy with who I practice with. I need to be equally stimulated physically and mentally.

I also like a fusion of a classic and modern in practice and during my teaching. Yoga must evolve but we shouldn’t forget its origins and heritage.


What do you love most about teaching yoga, pranayama and meditation?

The tradition, the philosophy and the idea of yoga fascinates me. Yoga is an ancient system and has healed, supported, helped and changed so many people’s lives for centuries and still does.

It must evolve and be transmitted to newer generations of students and teachers and used to bring peace and happiness on this planet, which needs it so much at the moment!

I love teaching yoga because it makes a difference and changes people’s existences and lifestyles.

If I am lucky enough to be able to successfully share and communicate yoga to people, let it be!


If you had a magic wand, what would you get rid of on planet earth? 

Don’t start me! But probably injustice and jealousy.

Name three things that bring you joy?

Husband, books, cooking


What can you not live without?

Husband, books, cooking!

The meaning of life is…? 

 I can’t ever answer this question; it makes me think too much. I am very practical and down to earth and wouldn’t like to think why I am on this planet. I love the moto: QUE SERA SERA!