Bringing Presence to Relating

Bringing Presence to Relating with Angus and Roxana

Our relationships are at the core of what makes life meaningful and fulfilling. Yet relationship is often where we struggle the most, meet our edges, experience loss or pain or get stuck in habitual patterns.


Transform how you relate.


Bring the awareness you have gained from the yoga mat into your relationships.


Join Angus and Rox for an evening workshop where the foundation of self-awareness is brought into the complexity and dynamism of relating.


We will be deepening relating skills, changing habitual patterns and bringing fresh creativity into how we meet Self and others; using practices drawn from yoga, tantra, bio-energetics and paths of awakening.


Whether you are seeking more self-awareness in relationships at work, family life, in friendships or romantic partnerships, this workshop will help you cultivate greater depth to your relating by uniting playfulness with spontaneity and authenticity.


Come join us for an evening of engaging connection, expression – and plenty of insight.


Upcoming dates:

Saturday 21st September 7pm-9pm £25 per person