End of Year Sober Rave with Cacao Ceremony

We dance consciously, meditating by moving our bodies to music. Drawing on the 5 elements, connected breath-work and block-rocking beats; these workshops will help you to let go of your thoughts and ground you in your body, creating healing on a physical and emotional level, fostering a sense of freedom and deepening your relationship with yourself and others.


In a fun and safe space you will be guided through a journey of dance. There are no set steps and you move however your body feels to at the time. Exercises and group work intersperse a deeply personal experience. Expect to hear a range of music – anything from Drum ‘n’ Bass, Electro & House to Chill-out, World and Soul.


Visualisation, meditation, plant medicine, group discussion and sound healing will intermittently intermix with the dance. We will begin with a beautiful cacao ceremony. Unlocking our hearts using the healing powers of raw chocolate, we will then dance our hopes and dreams!


Dance your way to health and wellbeing!


Saturday 11th November   7.00 – 9.30pm   £20

Coming together as a community, we move in celebration, for the sheer joy of dance


All welcome. No experience necessary. Bring water and wear clothes you can dance in.


What goes into preparing for a Cacao Ceremony?

The Answer is LOVE!!


Here’s what Izzy has to say about what makes her Cacao Ceremony special.

“The Cacao is from Guatamala, from small local, organic, fair trade farmers. I have it shipped over in raw bean form – the massive process to turn this into the delicious Cacao drink takes about two days all in all.


“It starts with roasting the bean, at five different temperatures over about 40 minutes. Then I crack the bean with a rolling pin, to open the husk, then use a hairdryer on a cool setting to separate the husk from the bean itself.


“Once it’s separated, I have the raw cacao bean, which I blend with spring water, to make a paste. Then I boil almond milk and crystal infused water, add lots of yummy herbs and spices, like cayenne pepper and cinnamon, then add the cacao paste which dissolves in the mixture.


“Finally, I add a few more magic (secret) potions to give the final magical drink that we drink.


“Throughout the whole process – this might sound a little crazy – I really put a lot of conscious love into the process. When I’m cracking the beans, I’m singing love songs to them and dancing around the beans when they are roasting.


“I put on tunes during the process, that quite often I play on the night, after the actually ceremony. I put a lot of love, literally, into the whole thing.”


What does the ceremonial part look like?

“We drink this delicious batch in ceremony – which means we’ll set up a sacred space, to consciously drink the cacao and to really embody the spirit of the cacao – smelling it, tasting it, drinking it slowly.


“While we are drinking it, we will go around the circle, so that everyone’s voice is heard. It is beautiful to notice, when truly listening to each other, how much what someone else brings, can resonate with your life, and you can gain value from too. We are more alike than we are separate.


“The theme or intention normally comes when I am making the batch – but I am happy to open it up to the group, in advance – if someone is working with something specific, that they want to bring, that they’d like to talk about during the sharing circle at the ceremony – and this fits with the energy of the group, then I can try to incorporate this in some way.


“Afterwards we dance in a sense of coming together in community and celebrate the feeling of love that the cacao gives us. And really rooting the words that were shared during the ceremony, in our bodies.


“Tunes will be heart opening, full of love, feel good music. Anything that feels good for the energy of the group at the time. I try to tune in, in advance, to the energy of the circle to sense how it is going to be. I try to pick music that will bring out the loving, healing properties of the cacao, but there is always an element of being flexible on the night and going with the energy of the group, and so changing the music accordingly.”


What are the healing properties of the Cacao?

“The benefits of the cacao – on a spiritual level – it opens your heart and enables you to be in touch with your true self and the truth of others.


The medical and scientific part is that cacao significantly increases your heart rate, which pumps blood more quickly around your body. You get 30-40% more blood flowing around your brain, so you feel much more alert, more switched on, operating at a higher level than normal.


“Your skin will double the oxygenation, so it is great for looking younger! It reduces blood pressure and detoxifies your liver. And its and aphrodisiac as well!!”


What about the natural high from Cacao?

“I would say that the feeling you get is like the energising buzz of coffee, where you feel very alert and active. And then you get this really warm feeling in your chest, as the blood pumps faster and quicker, and your heart literally expands. And you feel like you’re having one of those moments of joy in life, where you just love everything and everybody.


“Real ecstatic joy in your heart space. Where you love yourself and you love everybody, and everything is great.”


Izzy Fairbairn runs movement classes, workshops and ceremonies in the UK and Europe. A former Producer at BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, she is a warm and intelligent facilitator who brings a sense of realness to this beautiful and transformative practice.