The Sex Education You Wish You’d Had

The Sex Education You Wish You’d Had

8-Week Course with Gemma

What did your sex-ed comprise of back in the day? Not even the basics, I’m guessing.


Perhaps you got the “birds and the bees” talk from a parent or an awkward biology lesson that might have covered reproduction and contraception.


How was one “talk” supposed to prepare you for the most important lesson in life? Namely, how to relate to yourself and others and how to nurture fulfilling romantic and sexual connections.


This 8-week series of talks and course will open up a dialogue about most aspects of sex, sexuality, relating, consent and pleasure. Evening classes will also include a guided meditation practice as a chance to connect to your own sense of self and embodiment. It is a fully clothed, fully discursive class, with no specific book to accompany the course. But there may be some optional homework exercises.


Sex and Relationship Education becomes mandatory in secondary schools in 2020. Isn’t it about time we all improved our knowledge and understanding in this crucial lesson that underpins the our levels of well-being and fulfilment?


Join sex & relationship therapist, Gemma for this fun, fascinating and provoking course to unlearn old habits and learn some new ones. Everyone is welcome whatever your relationship status or orientation. No experience necessary. In fact, let’s all start with a blank piece of paper.

You can purchase the entire course or drop in to the individual talks.

Week 1: Performance versus pleasure. Myth breaking and re-writing the ‘Hollywood’ model of sex.


Week 2: Consent and boundaries.


Week 3: The anatomy of pleasure: Structure and stimulation.


Week 4: Self-love as a road to empowerment.


Week 5: What can go wrong? Common dysfunctions and dissatisfactions.


Week 6: Sex in long term relationships. The love/sex split.


Week 7: How to talk to the next generation about sex. Transform the “talk” into a conversation.


Week 8: The art of playfulness.



Time & dates:

6.00-7.15pm Studio 2

8-week course or drop-in

Thursday 3rd October– 21st November