Slow Down Friday

Slow Down Friday with Sophy Mills

Embrace the chance to slow down and soften into an extended 2 hour Yin practice with Sophy.

The pace of modern life can leave us feeling depleted and disconnected, so finding quiet amongst the noise often comes as a profound relief.

The Yin yoga practice is centred around floor-based postures, which are held for several minutes using props as supports. Allowing you to gently sink into deep stretches as you reconnect with your body and breath, and regather and recentre your energy. Immersing yourself in this practice can be remarkably revitalising for mind, body and heart, as you come back home to yourself.

Sophy’s teaching style draws on her deep fascination for psychology, and each Slow Down Friday will be themed differently to reflect this.

Upcoming dates:

Friday 15 November 2-4pm

Friday 17 January 2-4pm

Friday 20 March 2-4pm

Friday 15 May 2-4pm

Friday 18 September 2-4pm

Friday 13 November 2-4pm


This workshop costs £30 and must be booked online.