Yin is In – Calm & Restore

6 week Small Private Group Yin Course with Sophy Mills

Yin is In – Calm & Restore


Learn how Yin Yoga can support you in restoring balance from stress and anxiety in an out of balance world.

When we experience prolonged stress and anxiety it has a significant impact on our physical and psychological health, often leaving us depleted.


Join Sophy for this insightful 6 week course where you will use simple Yin postures, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness techniques. You’ll discover how to calm and sooth your nervous system, to help restore equilibrium in mind and body.


You will learn more about what happens in the brain and body when you are in a constant state of high activity and why it can feel so hard to slow down and unwind as a result. This course will give you techniques to reduce those activity levels in order to reframe your relationship with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You’ll also explore what can unfold as you find quiet amongst the noise.


How will this course in Yin Yoga benefit me?

  • Stimulate the relaxation response (rest, digest, repair, reproduce)
  • Release tension stored in the deeper tissues of the body (including neck, shoulders, back)
  • Improve clarity, concentration and decision making
  • Increase awareness of relationship with self and thoughts
  • Reconnect your deepest desires and values


Six Week Small Private Course £150pp (max 4 people)


8.00-9.15pm Monday 4th November – 9th December


These courses are for all levels and are open to everyone. Please book your place online as spaces are limited. Book your individual place or get your group ready to book together.