Serena Louth

Reflexology is an acupressure therapy performed on the feet. It is thought that the feet contain a mini map of the body, and that by stimulating and applying pressure to certain areas in the feet, a healing response can be prompted within the body.


The benefits of reflexology are numerous, but most notable are improved mood, increased energy, more restful sleep and deep relaxation.


With stress being so prevalent in our active urban lives, reflexology is a wonderful way to unwind, calm a busy mind and tap into the body’s innate healing wisdom.


What to expect:

You will be asked to remove your socks but will remain otherwise fully clothed. Serena will start your first appointment with a short consultation so that the treatment is tailored to your presenting conditions to ensure you get the most from the session.


A one off treatment can be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience, or multiple treatments may be used to to work with ongoing pain and symptoms.


Serena trained with The Complementary Therapy School.


Serena is also a yoga teacher at Battersea Yoga, with classes at 8.15am Wednesday and 7am & 8.15am Thursday. Feel free to drop-in to one of Serena’s classes and ask her all about how reflexology could help you feel better in your body.



You can book on the day, right up to the last minute. Drop-in after your yoga class with Serena. Appointments available on Wednesdays at 10am & 11am and Thursdays at 10am & 11am.

£65 per session. Online bookings only.


Cancellation Policy:
Please note that once booked and paid for, there are no refunds available. If the appointment is cancelled more than 7 days in advance of the session, you will be able to reschedule the session. Appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 7 days will be chargeable at 100% of the cost of the session. By booking an appointment you kindly agree to these terms.