Wild Mystic Vocal Journey

Wild Mystic Vocal Journey with Rara Avis and Naomi Jason



Wild Mystic Vocal Journey is an invitation to explore the transformative potential of sound, voice, breath and movement as tools for harmonizing body and mind.


The process is designed to strengthen the experience of our own true nature, enhance the awareness of our unique voice and deepen intimacy with our core creative essence.


Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to ride on the wings of your own voice?


Or perhaps you sing already but yearn to feel a place where your voice belongs in harmony with others?


Singing is a gateway, and the voice is perhaps the most direct path to realizing that we are never separate, never alone.


Combine that experience with the timeless and graceful movement meditation practices of yoga and qi gong.  Experience and learn powerful tools that you can carry with you every day in your life’s journey.


Join renowned world music and movement pioneers Rara Avis (CEO and cofounder of YogiTunes.com) and Naomi Jason for a journey into the wild and mystical nature of the heart.


We will explore simple mindfulness tools that allow freedom from self-judgement where the voice is concerned.  While bringing vitality and energy into the body through transformational embodiment practices.


Upcoming Dates


Saturday 29th June 7pm-9.30pm £25 per person