Dance, Bioenergetics, Yoga & Gong Bath

What is Wild Things?


It’s a unique, ecstatic, guided evening of dance, bioenergetic exercises, yoga and a Gong bath.

Come with us on a wild journey; one of physical release, self-expression and soul connection. Feel into your body as we turn down the lights and turn up the beats. Let your spirit soar as you find your own dance. Roar, release and let go!

No previous experience required – Angus Ford-Robertson & Rob Wilson will be at the helm of the WILD THINGS nights. Let these experienced teachers show you how to blow your cobwebs away!

Every Wild Things night ends with some restorative yoga and a deeply meditative Gong Bath.

Please wear clothes you can move in – and bring a change of clothes for after the hot dancing. Really – you’ll be glad you did!


Self-criticisms and self-judgements to be left at the door.


Upcoming dates: 

Saturday 16 November with Rob: 7pm-9.30pm


All events £18pp


For the newbies, you may well be asking, ‘But what is bioenergetics exactly?’


It’s an established form of body psychotherapy (developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen) that allows us to connect to the truth of our experience; to own our true feelings and to act authentically upon them.

Why do we need it? Because, over time, trauma, stress and emotional disturbance can become trapped in the body. This bodily stuckness eventually creates physical tension, which in turn inhibits our capacity for spontaneous joy, pleasure and movement. Bioenergetic works by releasing this trapped energy, allowing the natural free flow of energy once more.


What do people experience after Wild Things?


Apart from it being great fun, people often find themselves more relaxed, spontaneous and able to experience more pleasure in their bodies. Sounds pretty good, right? We agree… come join us and get your Wild Thing on.