Dance, Bioenergetics, Yoga & Gong Bath

A unique guided energetic experience – journeying through free movement and physical release to deep somatic relaxation – all to the sound of the finest curated tunes.


Our wonderful teachers Angus & Rob will be leading the WILD THINGS events in 2019, combining free movement, dance, bioenergetics and yoga, with particular poses to release stress and tension. These evenings are a chance to blow away the cobwebs and connect to a deeper authentic Self. The session usually ends with some restorative yoga and a relaxing Gong Bath, to help you find that still, peaceful centre that so often eludes us.

Wear clothes to move, sweat and shake in.

Bring a spare pair of clothes to change into after the (sweaty) dancing. Really – you will be glad you did!


Inhibitions to be left at the door.


Upcoming dates: 

Saturday 9 March with Rob: 7pm-9.30pm

Saturday 13 April with Rob: 7pm-9.30pm

Saturday 11 May with Angus: 7pm-9.30pm

All events £18pp


Have you discovered the wonders of bioenergetics?

You just might find there’s nothing quite like it for making you feel…

So what is bioenergetics exactly?


It’s a form of body psychotherapy that allows us humans to live to our full potential.


Bioenergetics is based on the understand that there is an intrinsic link between the body and mind. Trauma, stress and strong emotional experiences that are not dealt with at the time become stored in our body. This eventually creates physical tension or body amour which inhibits our capacity for spontaneous movement and the capacity to feel good.


Bioenergetic works by reading the body and the associated emotions and then supporting people to let go of the negativity that is blocking the free flow of energy. Specific bioenergetic exercises are used to release physical tension through a process of breath, movement and emotional release.


Why are we always banging on about it?


Having practiced bioenergetics, people find themselves more relaxed, spontaneous and able to experience pleasure in their bodies. Sounds pretty good, right?


It can be lots of fun and leave you feeling everything from exhilarated to exhausted.


It can also trigger strong, powerful emotions; which we’d like to help you get in touch and provide a safe space to express your true self.