Bioenergetics Workshop

Where Yoga meets Therapy…

Get ready for a healing, energetic and therapeutic experience.


It is the practice of releasing mental, emotional and physical tension through grounding, breath-work and self expression.


Based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, and developed by renowned psychiatrist Dr. Alexander Lowen, it is a dynamic form of therapy that restores energetic balance in the body and mind.


In a group setting, a typical workshop will include: a gentle warm up to begin, followed by a period of high energy aerobic movement (to music). Then we move into a deep phase of Bioenergetic Postures – some intense, others more subtle – all of which can bring feeling back to the body. During the execution of these postures the body can start to vibrate and the respiration dramatically deepens. With practice, emotion, memories and pleasurable feeling will be evoked – and the individual can experience catharsis. Tears, anger and laughter are all  regular visitors to Bioenergetic classes.


We then move into a restorative yoga posture stage, where you are encouraged and guided to access and sit with deep emotion and feeling.


Bioenergetics brings the individual back to vibrant, joyful health.


Dr. Lowen wrote a number of best-selling books on Bioenergetics, all of which can be purchased online.


Bioenergetics Workshop with Guy Gladstone:

These workshops will look at how we express and deal with the big three; Anger, Fear & Sadness.


Guy Gladstone is one of the most experienced body psychotherapists in the UK,  accredited for many years by The European Association for Body Psychotherapy and the UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners. In the 1970’s he experienced 3 years of bodymind therapy with Dr Glyn Seaborn Jones and trained in bioenergetics and biosynthesis with David Boadella, 2 of the pioneer figures in the British body psy field. Guy works with a clear intellect and deep empathy, plus a healthy sense of irreverence and a good measure of mischief.


Guy Gladstone Workshop Dates TBC

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So what is bioenergetics exactly? (the science)

It’s a form of body psychotherapy that allows us human to live to our full potential.


Bioenergetics is based on the understand that there is an intrinsic link between the body and mind. Trauma, stress and strong emotional experiences that are not dealt with in the moment become stored in the body. This will eventually create a physical tension or body amour which inhibits our capacity of spontaneous movement and the capacity to feel good.


Bioenergetic works by reading the body and the associated emotions and then supporting people to let go of the negativity that is blocking the free flow of energy. Specific bioenergetic exercises are used to release these physical tensions through a process of breath, movement and emotional release.


Why are we always going on about it? (the benefits)

Having practiced bioenergetics, people find themselves more relaxed, spontaneous and able to experience pleasure in their bodies.


It can be a lot of fun. It can also trigger strong emotions, which we’d like to help you express in a safe space and friendly accepting environment.