Detox Flow

Vibrant Body, Clear Mind

According to Tantric tradition, one of the first stages on the yoga path is purification. This essential practice begins in the physical body, helping to remove toxins and tension that can inhibit optimal circulation and communication between the systems. Inspired by the fire element of transformation we will explore mindful movement, asana postures, and creative sequences to create heat and muscular awareness thus improving flexibility and strength. Prepare for some fun intensity!

From the physical we will move deeper into the more subtle realms of the energy body and look at our ability to harness and cultivate vitality. We all know what it feels like to be full of energy…alive, radiant, and happy. Igniting the inner fire we find our passionate source of inspiration and light.

Ultimately, it all comes back to the mind: where the mind goes, our energy flows. Utilising breathing techniques (pranayama), sound mantras, and guided meditation we can restore clarity and peace to the mind. Purifying the mind of conditioned tendencies or old, stuck thought patterns allows us to manifest more effortlessly our deepest desires.

A comprehensive class merging traditional and modern techniques into a challenging, creative and powerful practice for all levels.

Upcoming Dates:  Sunday October 15th 2017 1pm-3.30pm, £30


Nancy Goodfellow is an international yoga teacher, and offers a soulful and relevant approach to this ancient practice with over 20 years of experience and thousands of hours of study. Emphasis on the awakening of the vital energy body, purification of the sacred vessel, and building of stability, strength and flexibility with the purpose of cultivating our highest capacity.