Embody Love Workshop

Self-worth & Body Acceptance Workshop for women.

Embody Love is an international movement to increase the self-worth and body acceptance of women and girls everywhere. This work is the inspiration of Dr. Melody Moore, founder of the Embody Love Movement in the USA – www.embodylovemovement.org. As a certified facilitator of this accessible, experiential and powerful work, Jenni de Knoop is pleased to announce that she will be offering an Embody Love workshop at Battersea Yoga on Sunday 13th November 12:30-3:30pm.

 What will the workshop include?  

Dismantling the beauty myth.

Embodied movement experience.

Seeing and experiencing ourselves as beautiful from the inside to out.

Committing to being kind to ourselves.

Why is exploring body-image important?

How we feel about ourselves and our bodies shapes our self-esteem as well as how we interact with others and the world around us. For this reason it is important to explore how we have come to feel the way we do about ourselves and create the opportunity to challenge and transform any limiting self-beliefs.

In what way can participants expect to benefit from the workshop?

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate a felt-sense of self-value and body-acceptance, strengthening our resources to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves, being comfortable in our bodies and as such, more comfortable in the world.


Sunday 13th November 12:30-3:30pm, £45pp


Jenni has been working in the field of adult and adolescent mental health, body image and eating disorders for over 11 years at the Priory Hospital, Roehampton, as well as in private practice. Initially she trained as a contemporary dancer where her special interest in how a person constructs and experiences their unique body image began. Drawing from both personal and professional experience, Jenni understands how feeling unhappy with parts of our bodies can limit our experience of ourselves and of life around us. Creating a healthy relationship with your body is fundamental to living a healthy life, and Jenni is passionate in supporting girls and women to reach for greater body acceptance and to embrace their self-worth.


Read more about Jenni and the work she does here: https://psychotherapy-through-movement.com/body-image-workshop-nov-2016/