Byron Katie 10-week course

Stay present, free from drama and stories

‘Loving What Is’ by Byron Katie 10-week course with Angus
Tuesday 6:30pm in Studio 2 – from 10 January 2017
This 10-week course has been designed especially due to requests for a small intimate experience, so that the group can go deeper each week into the recommended text, and into their own self-awareness and meditation practice.
We will be exploring Byron Katie’s best selling book ‘Loving What Is’. Considered a contemporary masterpiece; this is a practical manual on how to stay present in your life, free from drama and stories.
This course will suit anyone who have already completed a beginners mindfulness class and wish to go deeper; or anyone who is already a regular at Angus’ mindfulness classes.
This course will take place in studio 2 and is limited to 10 people. First come first served! Book here.
The total cost is £130 and it will need to be booked and paid for in advance.   Please be aware that it is not possible to request make up sessions for missed classes.