Restorative Yoga & Deep Relaxation

Time to let go…

Restorative yoga is a passive and deeply therapeutic form of yoga that provides deep rest for tired bodies, relaxation for busy minds and restoration of the nervous system by way of positioning bolsters, blocks/bricks and using belts, blankets and eye pillows to support and nourish the body down to the cellular level. It is the perfect antidote to stress and the demands of an ‘always on’ modern life.


Workshops are the perfect way to deepen your yoga practice, and none is more replenishing than an evening practice of restorative yoga! The change of season calls on us to slow down, nurture our bodies and respond to the changes in energy, light, diet and atmosphere brought about by the change in weather. And it is in pausing and resting fully that we can summon the energy to respond to life.


Join Ellie for a winter series of workshops accompanied by candles, incense, essential oils and soothing music. Prepare to feel completely rested and relaxed, floating out the door: unwind, tune in and peace out!


Upcoming Dates:

Saturday 2nd February 7-9pm with Ellie £25pp