Restorative Yoga & Deep Relaxation

Time to let go…

Let your body and mind rest completely as we move through a sequence of energy-restoring poses, all done in the twinkle of fairy lights and the soft glow of candles with a relaxing soundtrack.

We will use props to support the body as we open & stretch the muscles, and release tension from the joints. We will incorporate breathing techniques (pranayama) to help bring an awareness to the breath and to quieten the mind. To finish there will be a deeply relaxing Gong bath so you can float all the way home…

Restorative yoga is used to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for balancing and re-energising the whole body. By stimulating this system, you experience a lower heart rate and blood pressure. This also helps to lower stress and anxiety, and boost your immune system… All welcome. Please wear comfortable loose clothing


Upcoming Dates:

Saturday 19th May 7pm-9pm with Aoife £25pp