Spine Workshop

Move the Spine with Laurent Roure

This workshop will foster awareness of and bring mindful movements to the most important part of our anatomy: the spine. It is also designed to take you through the end of the winter and jump into the fresh Spring season re-energised and rejuvenated.

During this workshop:

We will start to learn about the anatomy of the spine and its roles, function, and place in our skeleton and body. We will briefly cover common defects, the problems that the spine can be subjected to and the spinal effects of bad habits, postures and trauma.

We will explore the different ways the spine can move and how it changes and affects the other parts of our body by using classic and less traditional yoga postures and movements. We will learn how to unfold and free the spine safely.

We will navigate different ways to be in touch with the sensations coming from our spine by using breathing and visualisation techniques during a series of meditations and with the aid of yoga Nidra.

To know our spine is to know our entire body.

To move our spine is to move our entire body.

To release tension in the spine is to relax the entire body.


Students will go with away a better knowledge and understanding of this central and essential part of our body and its important role in our yoga practice. How to influence it with movements and breath and how to use it carefully and safely.

NB: Teachers, this is a 3-hour CPD course with Yoga Alliance UK.


Upcoming Dates: Sunday 22 October 1.00pm-4.00pm 

£45 per person