The Foundations of Flow

Finding your flow on the mat

Stretch, strengthen, detox and sweat!


Join Matt for a 2.5 hour workshop on how to find your flow.


During this afternoon, we will look at breaking down the fundamental technique used within more dynamic styles of yoga (namely vinyasa, flow or dynamic Hatha). These slightly more energetic styles of yoga, link every inhale and exhale to a movement or transition. In this way, it demands a little more stamina than gentle classes.


Establishing a calm breathing rhythm and sustaining it through out your practice turns this form of yoga into a powerful moving meditation, at the same time strengthening and detoxifying for the body.


We will look at breaking down vinyasas (Plank to Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog), Warrior one, two and three, as well as some arm balances, and some more challenging postures including inversions.


We will also be focusing on how we can link these poses together to find a flow.


All at a manageable pace, with the option to try new things out and ask questions along the way.


This workshop is suitable for those who are already attending the Dynamic Hatha classes (or Vinyasa flow) as well as those who haven’t yet made it to one. The idea being that afterwards you’ll be able to approach some more challenging asanas, a little more informed and prepared.


As always, with Matt, it will be informal and fun!


Upcoming dates: Sunday 29th October 1.00pm-3.30pm
£30 per person