Introduction to Yoga Concepts & Philosophy

Have you ever wondered how modern mindfulness practices relate to the roots of traditional yoga?

Deepen your practice with this introductory course

An Introduction to Yoga Concepts and Philosophy with Ellie Grace

Book now for Spring: 11am – 12.15pm Saturday 9th March – 27th April


How can we cultivate peace, tolerance and harmony in the world at a time of political unrest and unprecedented social anxiety?


By cultivating peace, tolerance and harmony on the inside.


In this course we will explore aspects of yoga philosophy and culture based on Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras that support our practice on and off the mat; identifying how thoughts and actions either serve or detract from our potential for ease, balance and wholeness.


You will learn how the psychological benefits of yoga impact our philosophy, our ethics and our whole way of being – from how we talk to ourselves and others, through to the practice of contentment, positive thinking, nonviolence and non-attachment, to name a few.


We’ll also delve into the 5,000 year development of yoga as we learn how to apply traditional concepts to modern life and get deeper under the skin of the origins, purpose and history of this ever-evolving spiritual tradition.


Join us as we learn how to elevate your practice beyond asana and into the world, deepening your understanding of yoga as a complete philosophical system for healthy living.


Handouts will be provided for each class but I can highly recommend Michael Stone’s The Inner Tradition of Yoga as a suitable accompaniment to the course. Some weeks I’ll note chapters that are worth reading in conjunction with our discussions. Join us as we learn how to elevate your practice beyond asana and into the world, improving our relationships with self and one another.


This course is suitable for everyone; whether you already have an asana practice and wish to dive deeper; whether you have been touched by yoga in some way and want to find out more about yoga philosophy; and if you’re a beginner, who feels that knowing more about yoga concepts will help you integrate your well-being, purpose and your personal practice. Everyone is welcome.


Each class will begin with a check-in and reflection on last week’s topic followed by breathing (pranayama), meditation, a dharma talk and discussion. Students are invited to bring a pen and paper for journaling and note-taking.


Upcoming Dates: 8-week course £110

11am – 12.15pm Saturday 9th March – 27th April 2019

This course, which will take place in studio 2, is for all levels and open to everyone. Unfortunately there are no make-up classes for missed sessions.